paintings of Liverpool. Gallery One

Welcome to my gallery of Liverpool paintings. Liverpool has been the source of my artistic inspiration since graduating from John Moore's university. To my eye, Liverpool is a very vibrant city with a great mix of visual subjects, whether it's the iconic waterfront, the mix of architecture to be found from terrace houses to more graceful buildings which once housed the merchants of the city.

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Sunset, Albert Dock, river Mersey, Liverpool.


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The Liverpool waterfront, sunrise.

From the Wirral side of the river, you get the benefit of sunrises above the city, especially the waterfront and the Liver Buildings.



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Watercolour. A tall ship visiting Liverpool, moored in Salt house dock.




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Oil painting. A view of the Liverpool waterfront, from the river Mersey. Sold




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Oil painting. Painted this subject sometime ago, as the Liver buildings are no longer visible from this position, due to the construction of a new building on Mann Island.
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Sunrise over Liverpool. An oil painting. Sold

From the Wirral side of the river, you get the benefit of sunrises above the city, especially the waterfront and the Liver Buildings.



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Seen this busker on regular visits to the Albert Dock, entertaining the visitors with his melodic trumpet music! Always worth a listen.
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Watercolour. A common scene, the Red Diner, parked on the Albert Dock, offering refreshments to the passing visitors.

I also take painting commissions


Please feel free to contact me regarding a possible commission. I often get asked for commissioned work, for a variety of reasons. Often a retirement gift, birthdays and many other reasons. Commission prices start from £500, but depends on several factors. One being the complexity of the subject, also the finished size. But these issues can be discussed at an early stage before you make a commitment.




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Liverpool waterfront at night.

This painting was done to commission. Also a successful print was produced of this image and sold world-wide.

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Oil painting of the liver buildings, evening, river Mersey, Liverpool.

Sold. Why not commission this subject?

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A Liverpool drunk. Popped into this pub in London street and noticed him slumped at his table. Did a quick sketch of him. Did the painting in my Liverpool studio.




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Watercolour. Always amused by the way girls dress, in the depth of winter, when on a night out!

Sold. But a limited edition print is available.

mersey ferry, ferries, ferrys, royal daffodil, river mersey, merseyside
A Liverpool ferry on the river Mersey.